National Organization of Minority Architecture Students

National Organization of Minority Architecture Students

We the students of the Southern California National Organization of Minority Architecture Students have come together to enhance our education, network with professionals, and begin to define solutions which will ensure a healthy living and working environment for the total community.

We find, as minorities and people of color studying architecture, a community of purpose and cultural experience that warrants our combined efforts in the advancement of our future profession, our respective activities in it, and the needs of the communities we will serve.

As students of NOMA and the future of architecture we stand among the gatekeepers of the profession. During our education, we hold an important role of leveraging our universities and colleges to enact change that would boost diversity, equity, inclusion and advocate for severely underrepresented minorities.

To these ends, we establish this student organization which is built on the bonds of the common professional interests that brings us together; and equally, on the bonds of friendship and shared experience that will sustain and enrich our association. Join your local NOMAS chapter at Cal Poly SLO, USC, Woodbury, Cal Baptist and ELAC. Don’t have one at your university or college? Contact us and we’ll help you create one!

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