Architecture Boot Camp

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What is Boot Camp?

The Architecture Boot Camp is a year-long program built to provide students with a platform to discuss, analyze, and interpret the impact of design, art, and architecture in the built environment through a focused curriculum and creative outcomes. We believe that architecture is personal and collaborative, logical and creative, and it is the relationship between these modalities that defines design thinking.  

About the Camp

Over the course of this 8 months program, high school students are led through the design process and the design of a community-based project. The workshops are designed to expand the knowledge of students on architectural design theories, concepts, and the design process. The program is designed to enhance youth’s understanding of design, community responsibility and construction, through mentorship and design, job shadowing advance programs that prepare students to enter college architecture programs.  

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High School Students
9th - 12th Grades


The Architecture Boot Camp is for High School students who are highly interested in pursuing a degree or career in architectural related studies. Students are required to meet the minimum requirements of writing an essay about their interest in architecture and this program, filling out an application and get a reference from a teacher or counselor. There is a minimal program fee to attend.   


In consideration of the health and safety of our members, students, and communities as we continue to face this international pandemic, we have developed this year’s program as an exciting virtual interactive experience. 


Saturdays, February - June 2024

Project Presentations June 2024


• Virtual & In-Person
• Live & Online Workshops & Activities
•In-person Building & Office Tours
•College Readiness Sessions


Deadline to register is February 14, 2024



Summer Camp

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Boot Camp

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CAREER DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS – Students will be introduced to the career development process and exposed to planning tools to prepare for the college application process, internship participation. Students will develop a career plan designed to facilitate the transition from high school to future learning or employment. The workshops are designed to be interactive and provide students with an opportunity to work with a Career Professional in a hands-on group setting.


COLLEGE TOURS – Students will get to explore at least five Southern California based colleges that offer a multitude of degrees in architectural studies. During the tour, they will be able to engage with faculty and students during the round table discussion to gain advice on their projects and insight into the lives and work ethic of being a college student. The tour allows students to ask questions, meet other prospective students and understand the studying architecture at college on a deeper level.

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