SoCalNOMA’s 10th Anniversary

SoCalNOMA’s Architecture & Engineering Summer Camp provides an opportunity to teach and to engage youth about the process and impact of architectural design.  The program is designed and taught, primarily although not exclusively, by local African-American architects, engineers, interior designers and urban planners.  The 2017 Summer Camp is our 8th Annual endeavor and will create architectural design projects which fosters greater connection with the local community by addressing a recognized need within that same community.  The camps are designed to teach the basics of architectural design, inclusive of mapping, site investigation, sketching, scaled drawings, model-making, sustainability, and presentation skills.

Our local SoCalNOMA Summer Camp is a part of NOMA’s National Project Pipeline initiative.  Our members and sponsors have contributed vast amounts of volunteer hours and funds to erode one of the biggest impediments for African-American and other minority students not entering the architecture profession: limited to non-existent exposure to the field of architectural design. Currently, African-American architects comprise merely 1.5% of all licensed architects in the United States.  At the completion of the camp, each youth will have a stronger understanding of how to be engaged and active in the positive changes of the built-environment in their communities, as well as, having a greater understanding of the skills and role of an architect.  The ultimate goal is to have the students matriculate to college as architecture majors and increase the number of licensed architects of color.

Atlanta, GA

Boston, MA

Chicago, IL (INOMA)

Cincinnati, OH (Ohio Southwest NOMA)

Cleveland, OH

Detroit, MI

Grand Rapids

The National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA) is pleased to announce that its chapters are scheduled to host Project Pipeline Summer Camps across the nation.  This initiative is aligned with the organization’s focus to introduce architecture to and create interest in minority youth.  Project Pipeline Camps are informative and fun while providing hands on experience. Additionally, camp participants have the opportunity to meet leaders from the design community and begin developing lifelong relationships.  The camps provide multi-generational mentorship as the programs combine both, NOMA professional and student members, to serve as architectural instructors for the camps.